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Ivory Orchid Wedding Photography was founded over 13 years ago because of one woman's love for weddings. Wedding photography is her specialty.

Kristin Gray

Kristin has been photographing weddings in Tucson for over 10 years. Clearly Tucson is it for her. She enjoys the sunny skies, beautiful backdrops and all the great places to hike, kayak, and take her dogs for well deserved walks. Kristin is a seasoned professional photographer and outdoor enthusiast. She has been happily married to her soul mate for nine years. They built a house together holding hammer to nail side by side. She is an extraordinary gardener, a decent cook, kayaker, sailor, hiker, lover of nature and all things furry. She loves movies, beaches, reading and spending time with family and friends.

As you embark on your journey of marriage, remember that great memories rarely present themselves.  Making great memories is a choice.  You have to make the decision to find or create them and use them as stepping stones for a fantastic marriage.

Marriage is built on creating memories and my career is built on photographing them.
— Kristin Gray


One of the most important aspects of choosing a wedding venue and photographing people is taking into account the personalities of the clients. Choose a venue based on what you like and your personalities. Take into account if you are city dwellers and enjoy the downtown scene or if you love the desert rocks and cacti. Likewise, in my photography, I want to make sure people's personalities are preserved so that they do not look back on their photos and say, "I did that?!" Every pose or candid shot is not for every client. Every expression of romance is not for every couple. Be yourselves!

Kristin Gray
Ivory Orchid Photography