Easy Tips & Tricks for a Smooth Wedding Day

Follow these organizational tips to help eliminate chaos and confusion on your wedding day.

·         A week before the wedding take everything you need for your getting ready process out of its original packaging and remove all tags, stickers, tissue paper, plastic and labels.

·         Pack ONE zippered suitcase with all of your getting ready items (leave original packaging at home or in the trash!)  Jewelry, shoes, garter, ribbons, headbands, undergarments, socks/nylons, etc.  Do not bring shopping bags, plastic bags, shoe boxes or tissue paper to your wedding.  They look horrible in photos and add a huge amount of chaos to your day because you don't know which bag the things you need are in.  Everything should be packed in your suitcase. 

·         Have all of your bridesmaids pack all of their items into one suitcase as well, following the above advice.

·         Leave dress and veil in the garment bag but remove the tags beforehand.

·        Pack makeup and hair products in a separate zippered bag.  

·         Inspect your dress and bridesmaids dresses a few days beforehand and decide if they need to be steamed.  Do not wait until the day of to steam them!  Steam them before the big day and place them carefully back into the bags after they have cooled.  You can bring the steamer to the wedding if you wish, but nothing is a bigger time waster than gratuitous steaming.  If they need a touch up on the wedding day, fine.  If they don’t, leave them be.

·         Plan your timeline with your photographer before your invitations are printed. Only your photographer knows the light, their equipment, their shooting style, how long they need before and after the wedding to accomplish your requests and to deliver the most optimal photos.

·         A few weeks before the wedding, send the timeline provided by your photographer to the bridesmaids, groomsmen, and family members you want photographed.

·         Email everyone you want to participate in the family photos before the wedding. Tell them the location and time they need to arrive for pictures.  Make it a short 2-4 line email so they actually read it.

·         Print out two timelines.  Tape one to the door of the bride’s getting ready room.  Tape one to the door of the groom’s getting ready room.  Highlight the time each wedding party (bride/bridesmaids or groom/groomsmen) should be completely ready for pictures.