Engagement Session Info

Shoot time  Your start time is based on the sunset time.  Please come ready to shoot, rather than having to change once you get on site, otherwise we might run out of time before it gets dark.

What to wear  I encourage and prefer casual (jeans or other comfy bottoms) because the idea is to get comfortable with pictures and have fun.  My garden is rustic: Logs, rocks, rustic wooden foot bridge, and steps, plants, rustic sandy pathways.  Don't expect comfy and pristine benches. Don't wear something that you can't sit on the ground in.  If you must dress up I'm totally fine with it.  Shorter dresses will limit the number and types of poses, candid shots and activities we can do to make your interactions special.  If you do wear a short dress, please wear shorts or spanks underneath so that you can bend over, squat and/or sit comfortably.  Dark shoes for your man is a must. No white tennis shoes.

Solids are better than patterns because patterns tend to detract from your faces (and it's really about you).

If you must have a pattern, stay away from stripes, dots, circles, checks, plaids or anything geometric. 

You do not need to be "matchy matchy" twins with your attire, but put some thought into what works together with colors and styles.  If one goes casual, both should be.  If one dresses up, both should be. 

***Makeup should be MATTE FINISH ONLY!  No glow, no dewy finish, no metallic or pearl bronzers, no glitter or metallics of any kind.  If you want a little sparkle, a little pearl eye shadow is fine, but keep all other glowy/pearl/bronzer combinations off the cheeks, cheekbones and face area. 

Why?  Mineral finishes, sparkle, dewy finishes, etc., bring out the shine which makes you look sweaty in the photos.  Light reflects off of metalics and pearls and back to the camera making your skin look sweaty.  If you choose to wear pearl or metallic bronzers, base or powders, I will not edit the shine out of your photos because this is evidently the look you were going for.