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 Planning Your Time for Photography

This assumes an unlimited time package under ideal circumstances.  

It is recommended to start your ceremony 1.5 to 2 full hours prior to sunset (for a typical 30 min. ceremony).  This leaves 10-15 minutes to deal with small problems, 10-15 minutes for a late start (ceremonies always start late), 30 minutes for the actual ceremony, 10-15 minutes to separate family members having their photo taken from the crowd and 1 full hour for photography before it gets too dark for pictures. 

Brides, Bridesmaids & Bride’s Parents: Be ready 1.5 - 2.5 hours prior to the ceremony

It is recommended that formals of the brides and bridesmaids be done prior to the ceremony and before the groom and groomsmen.  This will give the ladies a chance to go back and touch up hair, makeup, etc., while I am photographing the groom.  If photographs are done in reverse, there will be no time for touchups or tardiness. 

If there are no bridesmaids, the bride should be ready 45 minutes prior to leaving for the ceremony.  If you have someone in your group who is chronically late (you know who they are!), please calculate that in to the above numbers... or tell them I’m arriving 1/2 hour earlier than I really am! 

Groom, Groomsmen & Groom’s Parents: Be ready 1.0 hour prior to the ceremony (if applicable).

If it is desired that the men be photographed also prior to the ceremony (only if the getting ready site is the same as the women), they should also be ready 1.0 hour prior to the ceremony.  The same applies for the chronically late.... plan in an appropriate amount of time for them too! 

Formals After the Ceremony (1 hour - 1.5 hours)

It takes about one full hour to do photos of the bridal party and family members after the ceremony.  If you are planning to do a receiving line after the ceremony, please calculate this time over and above what you are allowing for photography because receiving lines can get long and cut into precious photography time.  If you have an exceptionally large family, please call to discuss time needs or other photography options (possibly doing some of them before the ceremony).

Table Shots

Table shots are taken during the reception of each individual family or each couple at each table rather than the entire table at one time.  This is because someone is always missing from a table and if I go back at another time, someone else will be missing from the table.  Every effort is made to get a photograph of each person at your reception.  However I cannot absolutely guarantee this since people are constantly moving around.  If you have special people who do not need their photograph taken during the formal hour but you absolutely must have a photograph of them, please provide me with a seating chart with their names highlighted on the chart.  This will enable me to find them during the reception and make sure they are not missed.