Kenlee & Marchae Album

Hi Kenlee & Marchae,

Below are your updates.  The first template is your cover.  The left side is the back, text is the center spine, and right side is the front.  

I've changed the image on the first page but left the original for comparison.  So there are three first pages on this sample.  Choose either "Original", "Black & White" for the template that uses the requested photo with colors muted, or "Full Color" for the requested photo in full color.

Template has the requested photo added as the small image.  I liked that image too but the focus is on the fabric of the veil  instead of faces so thought it would look best as the smallest of the three.  I will print and bind this as soon as I hear from you that this is approved and what your choice is for the first page (getting ready).  You can email me at