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Makeup on the wedding day is extremely important.  A matte finish is "A Must" to acheive natural looking photos with a non-shiny result.  A "dewy" finish will make you look sweaty in photographs.  Metallics, pearls and bronzers will also make you look sweaty on the wedding day.  Makeup airbrushing is $35/hr if it is the result of poorly applied makeup.  It will take approximately 20 hours to airbrush out.

  • Foundation should be completely matte
  • Powders with a glow or bronzer reflect light and will make you look sweaty
  • All powders and blush should be matte
  • Bronzers normally do not function well because most contain metallics or pearl of some sort  (not all but most)
  • Lipstick should not have a metallic sheen or be too pearl.  

Recommended makeup artists:  Heather Van Houten   email:

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