Photo Submissions

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Family photos after the ceremony: I encourage parents, grandparents, siblings and sibling spouses and children to participate in photos after the ceremony.  I'm happy to do more if you want. Just keep in mind that the more people you add to the group, the less time I will have for you and your new spouse alone and normally we are already on a tight timeline.  If you are doing a first look, this probably isn't a problem so call me to discuss if you want to weigh the pros and cons of doing a first look.

The Dangers of Pinterest:  Unrealistic expectations.  Last year I had a bride submit 60 wedding party and bride and groom shots from 59 different weddings for me to essentially copy at her wedding.  There's a reason they came from 59 different weddings.  There isn't time within the confines of one wedding to stage all of that.  There's a reason Vogue magazine will have a two week 160 hour photo session to find one image to go in a magazine.  It takes that long to find that one, even with professional models.  Those dreamy Pinterest photos are culled from literally millions of weddings.  Your wedding is one wedding on one day… not millions of weddings from millions of photographers from thousands of days.

Realistically, there is time for 2-4 wedding party shots after the ceremony.

Photo submissions: If you’re going to submit photo ideas, choose 1-2 wedding party shots, 1 bride w/ bridesmaids shot and 1 groom w/ groomsmen shot and choose 2-3 bride and groom shots you can't live without. We will do more than that of course, but let's let your wedding unfold so it's your wedding being photographed, not copies of someone else's wedding.

Keep in mind your group as well.  I often have brides submit highly energetic and fun photos, only to find out her bridesmaids and/or bridal party aren't really in to funny faces, or craziness.... they just want to stand there and look pretty and don't want to jump around and be goofy (even though I encourage a more relaxed and fun shoot).  The men are often less interested in photography and are therefore less in to creative shooting.  If you're going to submit photos, choose things that match your group... not what you want your group to be, but what your group is.

Detail shots are always taken so I don't really need submissions for those.

Don't Be Upset!  Remember that everyone’s bodies are different.  Some angles work better for some but not others.  If you choose to submit photos and I honestly think that they will not look good for you, please trust me to axe what you’ve chosen and do something else.  Don’t be upset.  Be happy that you’ve hired a professional to photograph you in the best possible way.  I’m not going to copy something just for the sake of copying it when it will make you (and me) look bad.

Dress Attachment:  Your attachment to your dress (or not) will affect the photos we take.  On my homepage I have a photo of a bride laying in the grass.  I didn't ask her to do that.... During her photo shoot, she bent down, checked to see if the grass was wet and plopped down.  If you are super paranoid about getting your dress dirty, the variety of photos, the poses we use, and the speed at which we can work will be affected.