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My favorite thoughts on love and life

Love Is Kind.   1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Don't sweat the small stuff.  Richard Carlson

Be the kind of person and/or employee that everyone wants to work with or spend time with.  Megyn Kelly

Love is when you can't fall asleep at night because reality is better than your dreams.   Dr. Seuss

Variation of "The Marriage Box"   Most people get married believing in the myth that marriage is a beautiful box full of all the things they long for: affection, touch, companionship, intimacy, friendship, and endless laughter. 

The truth is that marriage is an empty box at the start.  
You must put something in before you take anything out.

There is no love in marriage.  Love is in people.  People put love into marriage. 
There is no romance in marriage.  You have to infuse romance into your marriage.

A couple must learn and practice the art of putting things in their marriage box that
their partner values.  Some people value affection above all things.  Some people
value getting gifts or acts of service above all things.  Find out the one thing
your partner values above all and make it a point to put those things in your marriage box.

If you take out more than you put in or you only put in the things that YOU value,
the box will appear empty to your partner and your love will become invisible.

                                                                                                           -author unknown

Wedding Images from Tanque Verde Guest Ranch


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My Photography Philosophy

I've always loved photographing natural movement.  I love moving the bride and groom around and seeing the flow of fabric of the dress, seeing how hair is highlighted in sunlight, watching families congratulate the bride and groom with sweeping hugs and tears.  Candid moments sometimes happen on their own and sometimes need a little help. It's the balance of those two things that creates great photography.  When people ask me what "my style" is, it's impossible to answer that question.  My style is a mix of candid, formal, elegant, silly, movement, bold, soft, pretty, colorful and uniquely "in the moment."  My question to you is, "What is your style?"  Every couple and every wedding is different.  I'm never going to force brides and grooms or wedding parties into scenarios that are not "them".  I don't want you to look back on your wedding day and say, "I did that?  That's totally not me."  That's why our discussions before your wedding day are as important as the day.  The engagement session offered is important so that I can get to know you both independently and as a couple.  Now let's get started!

It all starten when

An artist-entrepreneur from the University of Arizona (me) picked up a camera in a small part of Boston in 2000.  And "It" happened.  True Love.  I love art, I love photography, I love running a business and I love people.  Wedding photography is the perfect mix of all of those.  It is truly my calling and my passion... and I want to help make one of the best days of your life uniquely you and truly memorable.  Send me a text ~ Give me a call ~ Email me!  I'd love to meet you and hear what you've been planning!   ~Kristin